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end of spring semester

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May. 6th, 2011 | 10:50 pm

sooooo school is finally done for the semester! no school for 7 months!

i just had my last final today so i have no idea of my grades yet but i can imagine i'll get A's in two of my classes and C's in the other two because i'm a slacker and just ready to work at disney world in the fall. 107 days left until i move to orlando, woo! sounds like a long time but i have many things to do to occupy my time until i get there. as i've posted about before, i'm planning an epic disney movie watch, lost re-watch, reading as many disney related books as possible and now learn as much as i can about the british royal family...

haha, yep. kate & william's royal wedding has officially got me obsessed. being in ontd royal wedding posts made me realize how very little i know about british royalty. now you may be saying, "who cares, you're not british?" BUT it is interesting nonetheless and i feel like it's something they barely told us about in school and there just so much history behind the royal family. so i've begun with reading a princess diana biography, followed by a book about william & harry. from there i'm going to read a biographies about queen elizabeth and queen elizabeth II and then an autobiography about that deseperate sarah ferguson who i found out has a reality tv show coming out on oprah's tv network as well. what the heck. anyway, i just like knowing about stuff, even if it has no real importance. I WANNA BE KNOWLEDGABLE OK.

duchess catherine & duke william thank you for reading this post<3

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